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Thread: bit for jewelry box budget hinge

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    bit for jewelry box budget hinge

    I am considering ordering some of Ian Hawthorne's budget side rail hinges which require an odd size metric bit. I'm looking for a 9mm downcut or straight bit with a 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" or 10mm shank. I've looked at Onsrud, Vortex, Freud, CMT, Whiteside and I forget what else. Any suggestions? Has anyone used these hinges?

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    For reference, 9 mm (0.354331") is a whisker from 23/64" (0.359375") also. Not that is easy to find in a router bit!!

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    Kevin, are you cutting with a CNC? If so, you can use a smaller diameter tool and pocket it out. If you truly need a 9mm tool, check with UK or EU based tool sellers to see if they have anything available.

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