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Thread: Red battery in a yellow tool

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    Red battery in a yellow tool

    Most of my tools are Dewalt. But my son gave me an M18 fuel Milwaukee 18 gauge battery powered nailer for Christmas. He liked it better than the Dewalt because the Dewalt had a spin up sound every time you wanted to pull the trigger. He didnít know if I had Milwaukee batteries or not.

    So I looked online and found this adapter that lets you plug a 20 V max battery design for Dewalt into an M 18 fuel tool. Itís probably not super efficient but it seems to work well enough. Now Iíve only tested it just for a moment using pretty short 18 gauge nails but as you can see from the picture I did put them through some tough Tiger Wood and adjusted the depth 6F8C25BC-186C-48DA-B293-75B0150296FF.jpg2EE81510-143A-4EDD-B1C6-A384EC26EF8F.jpgstop so that they could shoot flush or below the surface.

    The adapter was only about $20-$25 and if someoneís interested in the exact brand Iíll post a link. Just thought someone else may be interested in case they need a Milwaukee tool and only have DeWalt batteries.

    sorry about the picture placement. Doing this from an iphone. Also Noticed the title after I posted.
    Bob C

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    Ebay is full of adapters for one common brand to another. I only have one brand of 18v tools so haven’t had the need to get one. Great idea for exactly your application.

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