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Thread: A cool antique store find- who wants to show their age?

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    A cool antique store find- who wants to show their age?

    I couldnít get my wallet out fast enough. I have a thing for vintage cowboy boots and I love the old kidsí pee wees. Earlier today I had already found the Red Ryder book. Now I just need a Red Ryder BB Gun to shoot my eye out with.

    I canít believe they had boots, spurs, and gloves all as a set for one very fair price.


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    I had a Red Ryder that shot a consistent curve. I could hit something behind a tree with it.

    I had gloves, but have never seen a pair of those boots. This picture from 1955, or '56. My Mother is still with us. She's 105 now.
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    Tom, I enjoyed seeing that. Always interested in old photos. I remember that world,too.

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    Thought you woodworkin' guys might find this amusing,
    this is from the 'they don't make 'em like they used to!' files

    This is my mom, sometime in 1955, in the dining room of their/my first house. I was still in diapers...
    the subject matter is the dining room chair she's standing next to, and the table hidden by the tablecloth.
    IIRC, the table and chairs was a homewarming gift from my grandparents when they moved in in '48...
    kitchen dining.jpg

    This pic below I took 5 minutes ago, this is part of my basement shop.
    Notice the chair (which I brought down from the office bedroom just for this pic),
    as you can see it's one of those chairs! It's the last survivor... Mom recovered them with white naugahyde
    sometime in the mid '60's, before we moved into THIS house. A couple of tacks are missing from the back is all...
    table, chair '55.jpg

    next up, notice the table holding up my laser and Mittler Bros. press, it's the matching table, check the leg markings--
    table, chair2.jpg

    The chair's back leg section is a snick loose but only a snick. The table is solid as a rock, zero wobble. The old man replaced the original top with a couple of cut up solid wood doors and covered it with Formica. I'm supposing that's helped keep it solid all these years!

    That table was replaced with THIS table--
    Mikes door.jpg
    --my older brother, he's 73 now, built this as a shop project when he was in 6th grade, which puts it around 1960. My dad and uncle- dad's brother, a cabinet maker- helped him with it. The top is a 36" solid door cut to 6' long. I still remember the day they applied the Formica, and Mike learning how to router the edges. THIS table is still rock solid, and I swear it'll hold up a Buick!
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    Wow. That sent me down a rabbit hole! Unfortunately I can't find the photo to post it. A dear elderly friend of mine that passed away several years ago had created an awesome display for her step-son's cowboy boots, spurs and gloves. She created a barn wood box and lined it with burlap. She placed a bit of coiled rope, the boots & spurs, and gloves all inside the box. While sorting through my friend's estate with her stepson, he was very surprised to learn she had created that with his childhood cowboy boots and had no idea she kept them all these years. Your boots & spurs look identical from what I recall. Now this is driving me nuts. I need to look through my backups for that photo I took of the boots so I can place it in the proper folder!
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    None of my stuff is that old. As most any Air Force or Army brat will tell you, the strict weight limits for moving stuff between assignments tends to weed out a lot of stuff.

    But I do still have the mid-1960s Broyhill Brasilia dining set my folks gave me and my ex when they downsized. Cost way more to refinish in 2015 than it cost new though.
    (And my dad's Vietnam-era flight helmet and O2 mask, but that's not nearly as useful as the dining set at this point.)
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    Very late 40’s or very early 50’s I remember getting red rider gloves for my birthday. They were red. I put them on and pretended to be fighting some other 3 or 4 year old cowboy. My Aunt made the comment “0h, he thinks they’re boxing gloves”, which somehow really bothered me.
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    I showed my Mother the picture of those cowboy boots. She said they bought me some, along with the gloves, and other cowboy stuff that Christmas, but I said they hurt my feet, and didn't wear them. She didn't remember if they took them back, but says they probably did. She didn't remember what they looked like, so doesn't know if they were exactly like those. She's 105, but has a better memory than I do.

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