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Thread: Young cousin's first woodworking project

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    Young cousin's first woodworking project

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    My young cousin, a college student, decided he wanted to give a spacial gift to his brother and his brothers fiance' for Christmas this year. His tool inventory was one chop saw, one small metal roll around table and one Dremel tool. I think he did an excellent job, this is his very first woodworking project. He definitely has more patience than I do, don't think I would have been able to engrave one hundred stars with a dremel tool and one very tiny bit.

    His older brother is a fireman and his brothers fiance' is a registered nurse. Nice work Will Green!

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    Beautiful work. Great Job.
    Rich Aldrich

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    Looks mighty good to me!
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    Looks like a great start. Job well done!!!

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    Great Job! I hope they were proud to receive such a special gift from such a dedicated young man.

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