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Thread: Issues with windows 11

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    Issues with windows 11

    Has anyone had any issues with Ez cad 2 or RD works software after upgrading to windows 11? I haven't upgraded my machines yet but I'm getting the nag screens to upgrade and not sure if it's a good thing to do.

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    I'm no help, my only Win10 computer is so breathtakingly S L O W to do ANYTHING that I won't even consider 11. My machines are all run by XP's and 7's, nothing newer.

    I just rebuilt 2 computers in the past 6 weeks, a used Dell Optiplex 790 I installed Win7 Ultimate on, and my old Win8.1 HP Pavillion 500PC that lost its hard drive a few years ago... The 7 is as breathtakingly FAST as the 10 is slow, and the fresh 8.1 Pro reinstall on the HP might be all of 2 shades faster than the 10, really disappointing.

    The ONLY reason for the 8.1 build is for online use-- because MS is screwing up any Win7's that are online, I'm rebuilding all my 7's and keeping them offline so they'll actually work decent.

    Anyway, rant aside, because EzCad is a "no-install" program I doubt win11 will have any adverse affect on it, but no clue about RD works...
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    I've seen several reports that say no issue with 11. Only my newest PC will upgrade and it's not on a laser. I just replaced the 'home' pc my wife and I use last year and I'm looking at refurbing the old pc that has the HD dying. It was win 7 originally and if I can find old software, might reinstall.....
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