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Thread: Dryer Experts

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    Dryer Experts

    Put my parents Maytag and Washer dryer in. Dryer hooked up used it works great, 47 years old.

    Giving my Maytag which is new world odour quality to my neighbour. Her 59 year old GE just went. I see her husband pumped it into the floor as no other easy way and it goes to the basement crawl space, it was also hard wired in.

    Figured i better take it apart with all the dust here. Belt is fine wheels are fine but see the drum is scraping on the lower fan housing maybe only on heavy loads it worked well never an issue not sure over 10 years old maybe 15 years old main thing it worked fine. Ill be careful moving it as thse heater things likely get more brittle when older.

    What causes the scraping? does the felt wear and compress more then a bit of tilt on the drum then it drops down to make contact?

    Ill clean it really well and oil then look at how this pipe can exit. might have to cut a new hole in her floor then it will be if there is a joist there. Its not the right way to hook it up but she has had that for 59 years. Will put a plug in though rather than hard wire.

    You can see the scraping on the main drum where it was rubbing on the left top of the fan housing. Figure that was only on heavy loads but hand turning it felt like too much resistance to me.


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    Most dryer drums ride on rollers or glides at the front and rear of the drum that are mounted to the cabinet. There should be two rollers or glides on the front panel. Most likely those are worn or missing.
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    I cant believe there are not rollers on the front. Then you tubes I watched in the past there was not one I saw with rollers at the front. No rollers here defies logic., THats right sir our new maytag drum rolls on this new high tech felt WTF pardon my french.

    I made more progress all looks great now just have to learn about this silly felt stuff. I dont think the wheels are missing I think its just designed to wear out, It worked fine it did not turn easily or properly to my mine too much resistance

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    Our dryer is about 13 years old. The teflon strips at the front and the bearing in the back has been replaced three times already. Usually Candy complains about the noise. A trip to the local appliance repair shop and ~$30 in parts has it up and running after a few hours.

    Warren, yours looks like the felt at the front door is worn. That would allow the drum to sag and rub.

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    thanks waiting for my dryer friend to respond. It cleaned up really well now have to figure out how to cut the hole in teh bottom to line up to their floor and then make up a pipe system inside. I found tons of coins inside Rattle Rattle. Be easy to make one of these things quieter.

    I should try and find a parts drawing for it today.

    8.JPG9.JPG10 4 knock ouit and where to cut.JPG

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    1- is there a way to raise the existing roller slightly?

    2- is there a way to ADD a bracket and roller that would help?
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    there are not rollers on the front and I think most maytags are that way over different generations, its stupidity to me designed to fail. The 47 year old one I have works great. You know back when quality was a thing. No response from two dryer people I know so far so parts wont happen today, I really dont get the felt thing other than it would be an air seal. Maybe if it had wax sprayed into it to reduce friction or maybe the back wheels are angled a certain way or something in not understanding

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    Warren, you need to ask them: “Have you both been taking spins in the dryer …at the same time ?” Remember that was a big fad some years back.

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    Warren, at least some Maytag dryers have two plastic drum glides that mount on the back of the front bulkhead panel to support the front of the drum. You didn't include a pic of the bulkhead so I can't see if yours has them (or had them). But if you do a search for maytag dryer drum glide you will see what I am talking about.
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    Mel it was me, when I have a shower and want to dry my hair found that is the fastest way plus I like the dizzy when I get out. Its cheaper than red wine.

    Thanks Paul will take a look I thought at least Delrin or some sore of stuff maybe something burried in the felt. I did see plastic things on one you tube but not on mine, Is the bulk head the last major part before you take the drum out? think so that is main front off next is that section then you have full access.

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    Paul how about this one on each side and if so they are at the bottom of the bulhead and drum could run on these if that is or was waht they were?

    Is this a home depot thing or do I have to go to the lonely Maytag man. I think he was lonely for my parents 47 year old machine. Now it likely you call in and you are number 34 please be patient we will get to you.

    There are one of these on each side, think you found the answer. You have now completed your apprenticeship.

    Thanks, appreciate that


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    That's the bushing the drum rides on. It's worn out.
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    yeah got it now others said so, my usual 20 directions at once. That likely wont change. do you think a home depot thing? Going over anyway for a receptacle and box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warren Lake View Post
    yeah got it now others said so, my usual 20 directions at once. That likely wont change. do you think a home depot thing? Going over anyway for a receptacle and box.
    Not a home depot thing

    Most maytag parts are available.

    Trying to remember who I used last ... I think it was There are several and most parts are available pretty quickly. Many are also available on Amazon.


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    I've used ereplacementparts com several times for parts. Always great service.
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