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    Display Tables

    My wife is an excellent potter, and she wanted some simple tables in staggered heights to display some of her pieces. Here’s what I came up with, after getting her approval on the design.

    The legs are walnut, finished with 3 coats of Tried and True beeswax and oil finish. In my testing, this gave me the richest look in walnut of the 4 hardwax finishes I tried. The tops are curly maple, and I was lucky enough to find nicely figured 13” wide stock that was milled to 12” square. I used 3 coats of Osmo Polyx for the tops.

    The wife is happy, and you know what they say...
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    I like them!
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    Those are beautiful!

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    Deceptively simple and very well done. Congrats.


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    More pictures!!! As someone who loves both woodworking and pottery, I want to see pictures that feature both!!! Nice job on the tables. I have a feeling the pictures do not do the quilted maple justice. Would love to see pictures featuring the pottery too.

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    Super nice, I would like to see some more photos also, could you give some rough dimensions also?
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    Very Nice! ...I'm sure she loves them.

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    Gentlemen, thanks for your nice comments! Sorry I haven't replied sooner, but for some reason I was not getting notified when there was a new posting.

    Here's a photo with a couple of my wife's pieces. She is very versatile, and loves experimenting with different glazes. I really like these blue ones. I think this photo shows the curly maple a bit better. It's hard to photograph figured wood to truly show its beauty. A lot of the chatoyance we see comes from seeing the wood a different angles as we move.

    The tops are 12" square, with the bases 9 3/4" in width. The base pieces are all 1 1/4" square. The heights of the finished pieces are 19", 26 1/2", and 34 inches. Cheers, and Happy Holidays!
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    Very Nice Tim.
    I like them.
    They are simple and give an elegant impression at first sight, but when looking closer they are heavy enough to be very supportive.
    Wood choice and finish are fantastic.
    Exceptional work and talent from both of you !!!

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    Both you and your wife are quite talented. Beautiful work on both the vases and displays.

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    Thanks Gentlemen, Happy New Year!

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    What beautiful tables and vessels!

    My wife is just starting to learn pottery and has already brought a few cool things home. At the same time, I am almost 20 yrs into building our house (in my spare time) and finally reaching a level of completion that allows me consider smaller, but more complex wood projects. I hope that we get to collaborate like this!

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