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Thread: how to cut and not get a reflection

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    how to cut and not get a reflection

    I have been cutting some acrylic (thin) and getting snips along the edge and figured it was reflection, i had to put a wire grid on top of the blades as my cut parts were partially falling through then the laser head would make contact and ruin my cut
    Is there a way to support say acrylic so i don't get a refelction, its possible I am getting this because of the wire grid i added on top the blades

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    That's exactly why you're getting the 'snips'- Everything I cut in my Triumph gets snipped from reflections from the honeycomb table. I've also tried baking 'cooling grids', still get the snips...
    This is some 1/8" Rowmark plates I cut yesterday, lots of snips--
    -not a factor for these signs, but, there's an easy fix: add transfer tape to the BOTTOM side before cutting. That USUALLY will do the trick!

    Another thing I'll do if want the bottom edge pristine, is to cut long (as possible) scraps of 1/16" rowmark (or plex or whatever scrap plastic is handy) to just a bit wider than than the material itself, and place several strips between the table and the material to cut, I space them 1 or 2 inches apart depending... the strips get snipped instead of what I'm cutting.
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    I never had it as a much as its showing up now seems worse since I added a wire grid to stop parts half falling through then the head hits and moves my work piece
    One person suggested a bed of nails, iím cutting 14 in square so thats a lot of nails but maybe that would help not sure if its worth the effort, but i have seen UK guys cutting acrylic on a nail bed, because he did not want any marks on the edges
    Your idea of strips might be ok too

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    I use an acrylic grid (actually a light grid cut down from 2' x 4'). this generally works. There is also a good idea on the Trotec site:

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    excellent video ...thanks a lot

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