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Thread: understanding resawing

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    It pays to listen to the experienced like Warren. I was lucky to be able to listen and watch some excellent craftsman. I learned early to watch carefully no mater the task. Im no expert at resawing. I have learned a little though. Assess the material, choose the right tool, get the work properly fixed, make sure you have a comfortable working area. The biggest mistakes I made at first was the wrong saw. Sharp goes without saying. The wrong tooth size will make for a saw that will not clear. If that is the case your done before you start. Just relax it takes as long as it takes. Of course you have to have white shoes with plaid socks too.

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    We have resawn literally tens of thousands of square feet of material with a horizontal resaw in my shop. Rarely have I experienced any wood movement after resawing. We are able to maintain tolerances within a few thousands of an inch across a 16 cut too.

    As others have indicated, if the wood was properly dried and at EMC throughout the board it should not cup. The only other advice that I would give you is to ensure that you use a very high quality blade, that it is both sharp and that the teeth are consistent.

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