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Thread: How'd I do? (2101 brace)

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    Got the 7 coats on. Also did a ‘Gentleman’s’ saw. Oxalic acid bath for the blade, complete handle strip, re-stain and 7 coats. Saw sharpened of course, set was excellent.


    Total price for the two $4.80 US
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    My last 2100 find was at flea market. An old guy with a van full of worn yard tools and such all wire brushed and rattle canned. Rooting through a milk crate, I found an 8” sweep 2100. The reverse button was gummed and the chuck only turned clockwise. He asked $10 so I tried negotiating it down to $7 due to the defect. He grabbed the brace and reached for a pipe wrench. Said he’d free it up for me. I patted the wrench hand and said here’s the $10. Once I cleaned the green grease out of the ratchet mech, it works fine.

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    I found one at a local antique mall a couple weeks ago. It was like brand new but it was a later Stanley version with plastic handle and knob. I should have spent the ten bucks for it but I already have a North Brothers version I rarely use.
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