Good day everyone,

I have an opportunity to pickup some Series 2 Vision controllers.
One comes with a Scribta machine, which i know is xenetech pinout. (we use a scripta with xenetech control box/software, no modifications required)

So I am completely assuming here that the Vision series 2 can connect to older Xenetech machines directly, essentially plug and play.

Can anyone confirm this? (I have asked vision (no concrete answer) and searched google, this forum, cant get a firm answer)

Comes with computers, software, 2x vision series 2 and one scripta machine.

The reason for this is our Xenetech machines all rely on long ISA boards and ancient computers.
I believe the Vision series 2 is printer port or serial port connection interface. Which would greatly help "future proof" or upgrade our xenetech windows 98 systems.

thank you