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Thread: HVLP Whip Hose - Recommendations?

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    HVLP Whip Hose - Recommendations?

    I'm looking to add a whip hose to my 4-stage HVLP turbine system. (A Capspray 95)

    I'm wondering 2 things: What length is considered best for my use, and are plastic connectors a bad idea?
    I'll be spraying everything from laquer to 2-part Eastwood enamels.
    I'm only 5' 8" tall, if that makes a difference.

    I'll stick with known brands, as I've read bad things about some of the cheaper imported stuff. (I know, everything is imported these days...)
    So basically: Graco super-flex 4', Capspray 4' or 5', and the Fuji 6'.

    I've read that with a 2 qt remote pot, a 6' whip hose is better, but I doubt I'll ever get a 2 qt pot.
    I'll just be using a 1 qt siphon cup, with an HVCLP adapter.

    I still like the idea of 6', but that Fuji uses plastic connectors, and I'm worried that they might crack is dropped, etc.

    The other options all appear to have brass connectors.

    So.. any recommendation, or favorite model?

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    Nobody has an opinion?

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    I'm going to comment based on context after re-reading your original post a few times...I was not familiar with the term "whip hose". If I am interpreting things correctly, you intend to use a remote container for the finish with your gun and the hose you are mentioning is for fluid flow. If that is correct, I'd rather have a little more than a little less as it lets you keep the pot out of your immediate work space. I used to own the remote 2 cup version of the Wagner HPLV conversion gun that was identical to the regular gun I was using at the time. (I recently sold it to another 'Creeker) The 10' hoses that came with it were functional for common projects but not really long enough to do "big work" comfortably, so I bought longer ones to use in those situations. So honestly, your decision comes down to what puts the finish container in a comfortable, out of the way place for you during your work? Personally, I wouldn't go less than 6', but you need to keep things reasonable relative to the turbine hose, too.

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    Thanks, Jim.

    I appreciate your thoughts, but you're not talking about whip hoses.

    "Whip hose" is a very standard term with HVLP systems. I'm surprised you haven't heard of them, actually.

    It's a short extension added to ANY HVLP system (turbine or compressor, remote pot or attached pot.) The main purpose is to make the gun more manageable. A secondary benefit is that it removes more heat from the air (esp because it's very thin & with sort of a metal "spring" woven in) and this lessens the tendency for laquers and latex to dry as it's sprayed.

    So..... well.... again, I don't know what size to get. I definitely want to get SOMETHING.

    With 2 qt remote turbine cups, both Titan and Fuji recommend (and sell) 6' dual hose systems. - One for the air, and a thinner one for the fluid.
    But the vast majority of add-on whip hoses are 4'. Titan has a 5'.

    FUJI has a 6'
    - but again, the ends are plastic so I dunno. Also, with a 6' I'm worried that 1-2 feet of it might always get dragged around on the floor, causing it to wear. I've read that whip hoses tend to wear out fairly quickly.

    But since I have zero experience, I thought I'd ask for opinions here.
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    I plead guilty to not knowing what that "whip hose" was...but I've never used a Turbine based spray system. All my guns have been HPLV conversion guns run from a compressor. At any rate, I still favor the longer one, which you can drape over your shoulder if that helps keep it organized. I've done that a lot over the years, especially with larger or awkward projects.

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    My Fuji MiniMite 4 uses standard garden hose fittings for its air hose. The whip hose you are looking at also appears to use garden hose fittings, which would make sense if it is compatible with the rest of the Fuji line. Considering the abuse that most garden hoses take, I wouldn't worry about the ends. If you ever did break one, it more than likely is an off the shelf replacement part from the hardware or big box store.

    The whole garden hose fitting thing is actually a good idea. They are inexpensive and readily available in quantity and quality and are the right size and pressure rating. I've often thought that if I somehow cut my Fuji air hose, I could probably grab my Flexilla garden hose and use it in a pinch.

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    Good stuff!

    Andrew, you're right, a replacement garden hose fitting (for a 3/4"hose, though) should work. If I can find them, I'll just get one for emergencies and out it on the shelf.

    Jim, yeah I'm starting to like the idea of putting the hose over my shoulder, since that will also get it behind me and out of the way. So 6' works.
    Plus, the Fuji is actually the least expensive of the bunch.

    Maybe these hose ends will fit, when needed:
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    I do the over-the-shoulder thing with my ROS, too...cord and hose is up out of the way and not dragging on the edge of a workpiece. You cannot totally eliminate your gun's hose from touching the floor so doing a thorough cleanup prior to spraying and between coats to get up the overspray (within don't want to get dust up in the air) at least helps keep it cleaner.

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    Well, I can now answer my own questions, at least a little bit:

    I ordered the 6' Fuji whip hose, as it was a few bucks less than the 5' Titan.
    - But I never even tried it, & immediately sent it back. Besides having plastic ends, which could easily break or even expand from heat (As has been reported by other users) it was incredibly narrow. I mean, it was TOY-like. It would surely have restricted the airflow to a significant degree.

    Now I have the 5' Titan -Capspray whip hose. It's also kind of narrow, but not as narrow as the Fuji, and the 5' length means there should be even less pressure loss.
    Plus, it has metal ends. Those metal ends are pretty cheap looking, like you'd find on a bottom-end Home Depot garden hose, but at least they're metal.

    I used that whip hose this week, with the main hose behind me and the whip over my shoulder. It's MUCH more comfortable than not using it, and 5' seems plenty long when used this way. If there's any pressure loss, it wasn't immediately noticeable. As for air temp, using an empty gun you can really tell the difference, and when spraying latex I also noticed that I had a bit more leeway in how much distance I could spray at, before the paint started to dry.

    So there you go.
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    My Fuji whip hose has been fine since I first got the turbine 3 or 4 years ago. No issues. Works fine, never think about it.
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