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Thread: CT 15 vs CT MINI I

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    CT 15 vs CT MINI I

    As far as I can tell, the performance specs for the Festool CT 15 and MINI I are essentially the same Ė if I'm using it solely for workshop dust collection (I don't care about onboard storage, etc.), is there any reason not to buy a CT 15 and an anti-static hose instead of the MINI I? It works out about $150 cheaper.

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    Tyler: I've had the CT15 for about a year now and I'm very happy with it. I don't have any other Festool containers so I don't need the ability to hook additional Systainers on it. I use it for general shop cleanup and hook it up to my drill press and router table dust system and it works just fine. Good luck on your decision making process.

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    I having been considering the CT15 for a dedicated sanding setup. It should work well for that. The downside is you canít use their boom arm or Dust Deputy with either the CT15 or Mini or even the MIDI. To use those you would have to step it up to the CT26.

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    It looks like this dealer has a nice side-by-side comparison of the two:

    For me, the Bluetooth would be worth the extra money. Having the Bluetooth remote button on the end of a hose is really handy for turning the vac on/off.

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    I went through the vacuum upgrade decision recently when my third or fourth shopvac was dying, and researched for way too long. I bought the fein first, thinking it was quieter with more power than the ct15. It was neither. I returned it and bought the ct15. I had both at the same time. The ct15 is quieter and has better suction and is built much better. Not that you were asking about the fein, but just to say the ct15 is awesome compared to something similar, and for future readers making this decision.

    I didnít get the anti static hose. I have it connected to a dust deputy and have the anti static setup on that. I use a 7 foot 1.25Ē shop vac hose connected to a 20 foot 2.25Ē universal hose then to the dust deputy, then a shortish wide ridgid hose to the ct15 and the suction is really great. If I use a tool that fits the festool hose I switch out the 7foot hose.

    As for the remote, I donít think their expensive remote is worth it. I plugged a $10 outlet remote into the tool outlet and plugged a small shop lamp into that. Works great and the added bonus is the light letís me know if the vac is off when itís loud in the shop.

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    You will be pleased with the CT15 for general shop use and for use with sanders and other power tools. I have less than a year on mine and it has been great on the Domino and a 5" Bosch sander. If using on non-Festool sanders you will have to get creative with connecting the hose since nobody has universal sizes. I just get creative with some duct tape.
    I will likely upgrade to the anti static hose as the original hose already has a kink in it.

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    For me, the Bluetooth would be worth the extra money. Having the Bluetooth remote button on the end of a hose is really handy for turning the vac on/off.[/QUOTE]

    I have for years used a less than $20 remote switch attached to the hose end. The vac plugs into the receiver so anytime I want to turn on the vac I just have to pick up the hose end. They last about 3-4 years before abuse and dust do them in.would not have a vac without it.

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    Correct, the turbines and performance is the same.

    The anti-static hose is very good and accounts for $100 of the added cost by itself.

    The Bluetooth switching is nice too but can be accomplished with another remote for $30. However, if you go with Festool battery powered tools; then the integrated solution is the only way to go.

    Another thing the 15 doesn’t have is the ability to do is stack systainers . This may or may not appeal to you. It also means you can’t use the WCR eIther.

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