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Thread: Woodpecker Tools/jigs

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    I did several 5 piece doors and drawerfronts a month ago with many more coming down the line for a built in. I thought about buying the Woodpecker coping sled, but the Inifinity coping sled seems a bit better designed. The biggest critique against WP sled is the clads arent quick action toggle clamps. You have to screw and unscrew them. When you are coping, you are actively shaping the workpiece for about 2 seconds. The other 45-60 seconds per side is spent unclamping and flipping the workpiece. I ended up not buying a coping sled, and instead made my own using Woodpecker's jig knobs and leftover toggle clamps. It is very similar to woodpecker's design.

    My only woodpeckers item is a big 26-28" square. It was their october 2016 one time tool. I use it every time i make final cuts with my track saw on island/table tops. I think it was $180 at the time, which today seems like a bargain for such a large and accurate square.

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    Maybe with the supply issues they'll pivot to selling tool design NFTs.

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    I am a life-long hobbyist and have several Woodpecker tools. While I like making nice things I also really like working with nice tools. Luckily my wife, who makes the money, has no interest in what I spend on tools. The Woodpecker six inch square is in my pocket or within arms reach for every project. I am not sure if it is the shiny red color or the weight of the tool in my hand but it was, for me, worth every penny. My sister gave me a pocket rule for Christmas it can typically be found in my other pocket.

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