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Thread: canvas tote bags

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    canvas tote bags

    trace out and digitize some graphics for a vinyl print heat transfer to canvas tote bags
    using logic trace to trace out the images and digitize to a *.dxf format just the start
    to vinyl printing and heat transfer
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    Are there any other types of material that this type of heat transfer can be used for other then canvas?
    Will it transfer to solid surface material?

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    This is a special vinyl for most fabrics and requires 300 degree F to apply
    Other vinyls can be applied to almost everything

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    does this sort of answer your question
    heat transfer is only needed for fabric---i think
    ( I am fairly new to this and learning fast)
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    So your using standard vinyl products and you can heat them if you want to use them on cloth.

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    no its a special vinyl for fabrics, roland express print and a matching pre mask ...guess its all to do with heat transfer
    any other vinyl is just pressure to the substrate

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    there are quite a variety of vinyl's , even some for temporary application
    i have a small stock of about 6---these are printable
    the vinyl's for a vinyl cutter are again different

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