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Thread: Workbenches and options for Tool Holding?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris carter View Post
    You CAN take the bench with you!

    Low staked portable workbench. Goes together and comes apart in 30 seconds and is pretty easy to carry.
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    The tool tote that goes with it.
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    I do have a Moravian so I can technically move it. I am always wrestling with whether to keep the bottom open or add a shelf. right now the underside is where all my clamps live. May need to go to a clamp rack.

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    Much if this depends on the type of work you do. I work on both sides of my bench so often that i need that access. So for me no walls or backboard. I am very much a single tasker. I have a tool box between my benches at the end. In that box are my most used tools. I keep the bench top clean for the most part and get out the tools for a task. When I switch tasks I try to brush off the tools wipe them down with oily rag put them back in the box. I then prepare for the next task. After working this way for years Ive found several good things. My benches stay fairly clear, i always know where my tools are and my tools stay clean and ready to go to work. I do wear an apron with pockets for the essentials scale, rule, sharp pencil, marking knife and 6 double square.

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    Yes tool readiness is a very personal thing. The important thing for me is that they really are ready. My stretchers are half way between the bench top and floor (where they should be!), this let me create a simple cedar slat shelf that is truly easy to reach for some larger tools, hold downs, etc. The tool well at the back has nothing sticking up, marking, measuring and chisels dominate. Nothing is crowded. Larger tools, planes, saws, more chisels are in a large fitted chest.


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    For those who could use a smidgeon of o.c.d. here is a video I used to work with a guy who was always knolling- the tools that were not in his hands were arranged neatly on a cart next to the bench. That is beyond me but I do try to keep things somewhat organized and at hand.

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    My WORK bench is just 16" wide, by 54" long..yet fits into the work area of my shop. IF I need a tool, there is a large tool cabinet, that all I need to do is turn around ( About...FACE) open a door, get the tool out, close the door. Bench has a vise on the end, and a leg vise at that those two seem to work together. At the other end, there is a Cachet...been used so much, it needs to be replaced.

    There IS a shallow tool well (2" deep~) and a rack for ready to use chisels on the back of it. Been in use for over 7 years now. main part of the bench was built in a single Sunny Sunday afternoon, on the back porch patio.

    When doing most of the joinery work, I am sitting down on the Shop's Stool. Height of my bench? 34"

    Oh, BTW..I also have to share the basement with the Laundry Room, too.
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    My situation is completely different than yours. I have a hybrid shop - 22x22 building. I do not have enough space for the bench to sit away from the wall. I have a chisel rack and shelf on the wall behind the bench. Permanent home to small items - dividers, spoke shaves, squares, coping saws, gentleman’s saw, “utility chisels”, awls, tape measure, pencils, block plane, mallets. Some day I plan to build an under the bench tool cabinet as well similar to what Derek has, but I have a dedicated tool cabinet for planes, chisels, rasps. Saws currently hang on the wall, though I keep my carcass and dove tail saws in their original boxes when not in use simply because I’ve yet to build a saw till. I have shelves under the outfeed table on the table saw and under the SCMS station.

    I’ll confess, I had to look up Sloyd style benches. I came across Rainford Restorations Woodworking. That site has a portable tool cabinet from Sloyd” that holds full length handsaws. You should check it out if you haven’t already.

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    I like four side access to my modestly sized bench, so I built a shallow sideboard against the wall behind the bench for tool storage. It works ok. I’m continually refining it. The next project will be an improved chisel rack that orients the sharp end up and uses hidden magnetic retention.

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    I like the idea of wall-mounted enclosed tool cabinets a little away from the workbench so I can work around the bench. The portable chisel stand also comes in handy. It installs in the tool well and is portable between 2 similarly configured workbenches. Norman
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Winners View Post
    My guidance is start making stuff, a birdhouse, whatever. As you start making stuff, where the tools should be in the space you have will come to you.
    i have to agree, you can't ask people to design your shop and your tool storage if you want it to work for you.
    Figure out what you reach for most and how convenient it should be, no one can tell you how to do this, you really need to come to this on your own.

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