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Thread: Moving Plywood

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    I hauled it inside the way I normally do and threw it down on my outfeed/accessory table to cut up. But it was heavy. I am getting closer to setting up a table or sawhorses or something in the driveway and just sliding the sheet out onto those to cut it up.
    There's a lot of really good plans for cutting tables that use folding banquet legs.
    A word of caution - don't "throw" anything on one.

    Our handyman like to do things his own way & despite my repeated warnings to not "throw " things, like plywood and/or drywall on my table he insists that's the only way to do it - to just lift stuff up and let it slam onto the table.

    The legs themselves will support 450#/500# - but - the overall construction of the cutting table design doesn't take kindly to being slammed.

    It's this one:

    The original design is by Gary Williams from an article he wrote for FWW.
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    This may have already been suggested, but they work very well:

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    Ok, so having debated buying track saw to cut up MDF and plywood sheets, I've altered my thoughts back to moving the sheets around. Even with track saw this would be necessary...Slide off sheet out of Pickup and then roll to tablesaw. The cuts are initially a 8 ft rip.
    A full sheet of plywood is too unwieldy to cut accurately on a tablesaw and you often don't need the full 8' length anyway. I've invested in a track saw ($425), two connectable 4' tracks (~$100), and two track clamps ($60) and haven't looked back. Put it on a foam board ($30), set it on the floor, and cut it there. Although I haven't tried making beveled 8' rips on the track saw, the saw is accurate to use to make your final cuts.

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    I initially bought the Bora Panel Carrier. It works, but it is somewhat difficult to load in the horizontal position, it is tough to find and release the lever to put it in the vertical position, and with only two inline wheels, actually moving a sheet of plywood can be challenging. I just purchase the Rockler Material Mate. What a difference. Loading is much easier, especially with an additional mdf top, which is optional, but it makes sliding the panels much easier. The release lever to go from horizontal to vertical is much more user friendly. Maneuvering the loaded cart is much easier and more stable than the Bora. The only improvement I would make is larger brackets that hold the panels in the vertical position. By adding the optional mdf top, I can only load one panel at a time, even though the Material Mate can easily handle two panels. The brackets only needed to be 1/4 inch longer. As an added bonus, Rockler is currently offering a $50.00 gift card with the purchase of the Material Mate.

    Anybody what to by a nearly new Bora Panel Carrier for $100.00?

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