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Thread: Repurposed Chair Mockup

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    Repurposed Chair Mockup

    A few years ago I built a swivel rocker desk chair. To get the design right I first built a full mockup. Actually used it for a while, then it sat around collecting dust. I planned to scrap it but had a hard time doing that. Then we needed a plant stand for an 80 pound potted plant that lives in the basement in winter.

    Plants shed stuff so this is especially handy to roll away for sweeping and for rotating to the light. Also the trip across the basement was easier than the usual carry.

    Plant Stand.jpg

    Again with the sideways pictures,,,,

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    Great idea, Tom. Like you, I have trouble scrapping anything.

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    I've got several office chair bases living out their retirement years as rolling dollies for handling panels and finishing. They're surprisingly durable and will easily move all but the largest of table tops with ease. I really like them for processing larger pieces through the wide belt, the small footprint makes maneuvering longer work really easy.

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