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Thread: LMI LaserGraver SE2025 laser engraver?

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    do anyone know if windows 98 and coreldraw9 compatible with old laser graver se2025...?

    my graver was made in 1998

    i need to make sure these 2 items are compatible first otherwise i could spend hundreds of hours for nothing trying to troubleshoot why i keep getting bad data error on any file sent to the machine

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    My recollection is that they would be. My first engraver was a Universal 25 watt which I think is the model you have. I started with Corel version 8 and then went to 11. I believe I also used Win98. I think I bought mine in 1997 brand new.
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    Ok well guess im doing somethjng wrong or engraver broken...i keep getting bad data errors when file received

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    what type of pc are you using with your old graver? im using an old laptop that is pentium3 prob from around 2001..the guy from preco say that if pc too fast that it could have bad data errors....but he not sure...the graver was designed for windows 3.1 and windows 95 era pcs.(386 and 486pc) what he say may be true.

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    ok thanks

    i have an IS400 too

    im still getting bad data errors on my old lasergraver SE2025

    not sure why

    i just send a black filled box via coreldraw 9 and print to machine...and bad data errors all time

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    Back in the older days- late '80's and early '90's, I used to have to transfer files to the machine from proprietary Motorola computers designed to run my Gravograph 5000XT machines. When I finally got my first PC, the 486 that came loaded with Casmate, I could transfer .PLT files from the PC to a New Hermes conversion program on the Motorola's, allowing me to save logos on floppys for the Motorola, and with a different program I could also engrave jobs directly from the PC- pretty fancy-dancy stuff for 1993 --

    Thinking about those days, and your machine being so old, I'm wondering if your machine is looking for a different type of plot file than your driver is sending-? I have no idea where or how to start looking, but maybe this will jog someone else's memory?
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    I use win98 for my IS400. Correction It is XP.
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    Trotec Speedy 300, 80 watt
    Gravograph IS400
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    i may have gotten somewhere with the lasergraver bad data i decided to mess with it again..i swapped parallel change...i used 4 diff programs to send file change..i then remembered i had a communication issue with another laser i had that was serial port and i messed in bios and fixed i decided to go into bios and i went into parallel port setting and there were 3 was set to ecp..i chamged it to epp and now the file sent to the lasergraver and i ran the program and it burned ok

    this is the first time i have been able to get the engraver to actually run a program without bad data maybe this will be the fix..ill do some more tesxting another just glad i know the laser tube actually works and my $75 investment in buying this lasergraver may have been a good one

    i was ready to scrap the laser machine but figured it had to be something simple....preco(aka LMI) could not help me since they are not familiar with such an old machine ..they tried but failed...if it wasnt for my persistent attitude it may have been scrapped and melted

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    When you first turn on the laser there are a bunch of "idiot lights" on the mother board. You have to remove the cover to see them as I recall.
    Each light represents something. I wish I had all the "stuff" from when I bought my machines as I made them give me a complete set
    of schematics which listed all the "idiot lights".
    Back then I liked knowing stuff---now I could care less--funny what time changes.

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  10. #25 least i got it to do something ...the issue is there is no info online regarding this model...its too old...snd preco cant really help me

    It seems to be raster ingraving fine but vector engrsving having msjor locstion issues...mschine not going anywhere near where it should

    It appears could be a long troubleshooting process but at least i know laser tube is good....i got a 1999 version driver. From preco....i wish i could find a newer dtiver...although .i may actually try my orig 1997 driver again

    I believe the engraver is not the issue...i think its all compatibility related...pc/settings issue now....which could be difficult to fix with no technical info avail

    Lots of trial and error will b needed
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