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Thread: Harvey S-12 overhead guard with dust collection

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik Loza View Post
    The only Hammer I'm aware of that has an overhead guard is the K4 Perform, which is a 10' saw. I don't believe it's an option on the K3's or B3's.

    I definitely don't think it's an option, but I wonder if you could get one to install on a K3 or B3. I would think the biggest issue would be the mounting locations for the base, since I think the other machines have more actual chassis back there compared to the smaller Hammers.
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    I got the Shark Guard. My real point is that by the time I add up the uni strut mounts I’m going to be at $500.
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    That Harvey Guard looks pretty good and the price seems reasonable. I wish I had known it was Harvey. I looked at several overhead guards when restoring my T17 including the one from Felder. I saw this one on Axminister but they said no shipping to the US. Would have been easy to just bolt the unit into the long table of the T17. I ended up buying a Suva guard and having a mounting arm made. At a cost of about 2 1/2 times the Harvey. The Suva is working well though and will cover a 18 blade.

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    I have a harvey saw that had an overhead dust collection system that came with it. Was ok, but lots of dust escaped. I bought the harvey shark, and hooked it to an old 1 1/2 hsp dust collector. I was amazed at the dust collection. I get about 8 little tiny pieces on the table after a rip. The only time it doesn't do well is when I'm trimming an edge that leaves one side of the plastic cover open. Even then it isn't as much as any other method I've used. None of it blows back into my face/and I can't smell wood dust anymore. The thing is built like a tank. As a 74 yr old woman, I struggled a bit with the heavy parts, but really had no issues with getting it installed.
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