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Thread: Turning a Woodmizer LT10 into a stationary resaw

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    Turning a Woodmizer LT10 into a stationary resaw

    A while ago, I saw a guy that had a Woodmizer LT10 in his front yard. He had some kind of bed attachment, that looked to have a feedbelt on it, for feeding kiln dry boards into the blade (made stationary), for resawing (making 1/4" lumber). The bed attachment was painted blue. Right away I thought "Baker".....but I found nothing like this on the Baker website.

    The gizmo had a conveyor belt, with two hold down wheels (one before, and one after the blade)

    Nobody was around, so I couldn't ask questions.

    Anyone know of an attachment similar to this for turning a small Woodmizer into a resaw?

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    Not blue, but Woodmizer makes a resaw attachment for their mills. Several youtubes.

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    Dad has a wooden bed and fence for his 1983 LT-30, no conveyor or power feed. He would push a billet through by hand. He set it up to make thin battens for redoing the board and batten siding on the barn.
    youTube put this video up next in my auto-play this morning.

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    Always fascinating watching equipment of this vintage doing it's thing. Daily maintenance required to keep it all operating properly and a lot of operator input required too. Cool old Deutz single cylinder diesel too. Thanks for sharing.

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