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Thread: Ezcad 3 sdk/ap or tcpi programming

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    Question Ezcad 3 sdk/ap or tcpi programming


    I'm looking to make some custom programs to interface with ezcad 3. I've heard that the SDK isn't free and costs multiple thousands . Anyone have experience with C# or VC6 programming using the API?

    I've written a program that tweaks markcfg7 and markparam.lib files and a .txt file linked as variable text in an .ezd file. This approach works for my firm but it's not ideal and feels like a dirty hack , upon researching the way ezcad 3 works it might be whole different ball game having to interface with ezcad to set the height of motorised Z axis rather than manually winding the Z axis up/down.

    I'm thinking the alternative might be to write a program that communicates with ezcad via TCP, again, if anyone has any experience or links to sample project source code, videos, anything handy before I start it would be greatly appreciated. There's not a lot of great detail on this on the BJJCZ website, the documentation seems a little incomplete.

    Our new fiber laser with automated Z axis arrives in a week or so and i'm gathering whatever i can early before i start experimenting/causing havoc.

    Kind regards,


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    ezcad interfacing tips

    Hi Daniel!

    This site has the ezcad 3 SDK free to download. Hopefully this helps!

    Have you found any good resources or tips and tricks on interfacing with ezcad? I am also looking to do some automation with a laser controlled by ezcad but am not sure where to start!


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