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This is what I did! I had two 8/4 RQS boards that were nearly 12” wide. I just stole the rift from them. It was a shame to cut up boards that were that wide and flat, as I don’t know if I’ll ever find that nice of straight material again. But I had no other use for them. And this is a forever table. Thanks dudes.
The first time I used this technique was many years ago when I was inspired by an article in FW that was about making a small sideboard out of a single 8/4 board. I subsequently "fell in love" with rift sawn material for both leg stock as well as for rails/stiles when a panel is highly figured to better "frame" the art, as it were. Rift sawn can be very stable, too.

Keep in mind that while you are cutting up a board as you describe to get that stock with the rift grain, the rest of the board is still valuable material, both for "show" surfaces as well as for secondary purposes within a project. There ultimately can be almost no waste, If it's not used in "this" project, it's good for something in the future.