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Thread: Trotec speedy 360 80w laser engraver not working

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    Trotec speedy 360 80w laser engraver not working

    Initially the USB port broke. I was told i could connect a serial port though it wouldnt provide updates. Soon as i plugged in the serial port and opened job control the laser machine light went out and keypad stopped working. Trotec told me the motherboard required replacing which cost $1900 however after putting in a new motherboard same problem exists.

    Machine powers up.. the light flashes when it is turned on but the light doesnt come on and stay on and the keypad is dead. Is there anything i am missing here? Blown fuse? Loose connection?

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    That’s not good to hear, how old is your laser
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    ID check all the fuses to be safe, but I would upload a video of what its doing. If youre on job control 11/Ruby, I dont believe it will allow a serial connection. Id look for anything not functioning right, like a light bulb out loose connection, or oversized replacement screws on the motherboard. When its fully booted the control panel should slowly flash green.

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