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Thread: Jatoba table top

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    Jatoba table top

    Anyone have experience working with large tops using Jatoba? I have 3 8/4 boards I bought today to make into a 9í x 30Ē table top. Itís incredibly heavy and hard but was too beautiful and different from my usual walnut and oak choices to pass up.

    Iím not too concerned about milling the boards flat and square and doing a typical edge glue up. Iím wondering if I need to do anything special to keep it from cupping over time though. Itíll sit on a metal structure with some points that allow screws to hold it securely down and allow for movement. But those points can flex so if this wood is known for cupping Iím wondering if I need to do more to keep it flat over time. Iím in northeast so lots of seasonal movementÖ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Rosner View Post
    Ö using Jatoba?
    I have used it once and it behaved exactly like cherry in milling and finishing. It went into a gift and the recipient still speaks to me, so I assume itís been stable for the last 10 hrs.

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    Jatoba's radial and tangential shrinkage numbers are pretty much the same as red oak, so it's seasonal cupping should be the same.

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    Typo - I intended 10 Years.

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    It ain't moving. That is if it is related to any I've used over the years. It doesn't move hardly at all, ever.
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