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Thread: Dungeon Shop Saw Til

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    Dungeon Shop Saw Til

    Not to hijack others...
    The Saw Til, unlocked hangers.JPG
    Sitting in a back corner of the shop....that frame saw is NOT a is a user...just not enough room inside the cabinet for it...there is a latch to unlock....
    The Saw Til, locked up.JPG
    It keeps the door shut tight enough, no dust can get the door, use a prop to keep it at 1/2 open...otherwise the door would swing too far around...
    The Saw Til, 17 saws.JPG
    There are 17 saws inside...counting the 3 on the inside of the door itself. The one saw that is "upside down"? Horns are too big to fit into the rack...

    Hmmmm, maybe I have too many saws? Nah...
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    Nice til, and nice job on it. It has plenty of capacity, doesn't look like it takes up too much room in the shop, and I think a closed is the way to go, because it keeps dust, especially wood dust off the saws, thus helping to protect them from corrosion.


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