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Thread: Got my NEW Epson ET-4800 printer yesterday: COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    My father had a high end photo printer. That ive been maintaining since he passed. In general a couple prints a month is what was needed to prevent printers from clogging. The newer stuff with the purge tanks internally schedule regular purges to prevent this. I still try and get there to run photos once a month.

    His collection of paper is astounding. He primarily had canson in just about every type and size.

    The smallest size he would print on was 8.5x11. It ends up being cheeper than buying the precut smaller sizes.

    I have mostly stayed away from his canson stuff and printed on Epson Premium photo glossy

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    Now, I am stumped !!!

    What are these shortcuts on my computer screen from Epson ?

    1. Epson Photo + Tool

    2. Epson Photo +

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    A friend of mine show me a post card I sent him well over 10 years ago. It was a home made post card I printed on glossy photo paper. picture of a sunset I took and it still looked like the day I sent it So since I never buy good photo paper I agree with Kev buy the cheap stuff , seems to work ok.
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    I use the good stuff. Neighbour bought a printer said his father got a new cartrdge diff brand printer said it will not run with aftermarket whatever words. My old Epson 1270 printed thousands for a pro friend then I bought amazing quality heavy old thing like my first fax machine eventually the heavy fax machines became ones that floated in the air. I read about guys who ran rubber tubes to the print head to ink bottles I could not longer get cartridges for the Epson some people filled them I looked that machine up its a three in one i thought it was a dedicated printer not sure of the quality but i know with this one and good paper I would never have got photos printed in a store, t didnt have a ton of ink colours but it gave amazing results.

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