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Thread: Router table setup question

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    Router table setup question

    I have a Grizzly tablesaw with a cast iron router extension. My Bosch plunge router wont extend the bit enough to make a proper cut. Tech at Grizzly (they're super helpful and I love the saw) said most any router will work, except the plunge style.....of course.

    I saw several types of router collet "extensions". Has anybody tried these and would you recommend them? Beats buying another router, but I read some reviews saying they've had some dangerous stability issues from concentricity. Thoughts? Thanks all!

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    I have CMT's extension that I use solely with a bowl router bit; have had no issues with it. Not sure if I would want to use it full time for all routing requirements.

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    Id buy another router. I dont think plunge routers lock as well and the non plunge ones at least with my Porter Cables.

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    I have a Dewalt router that I picked up for cheap since it was a display model at one of the big box stores. It was missing the collet so I bought one of those quick change collets that uses a hex wrench to change the bit and holds the bit a little further away from the motor. The router was miserable due to the bit being so far away from the lower bearing and the runout of the quick change collet. I bought a regular Dewalt collet to replace the quick change and all is fine now.

    I would highly recommend AGAINST using any kind of extension on the router that moves the bit further away from the motor. Even if such a device works it will put more strain on the lower bearing than it was designed for. Like suggested above buy another router for table use. I see good prices for worthy routers on Craigslist very often. Mounting a router to the table then unmounting it for handheld use is kind of a pain in the rear itself.

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    Extensions risk runout, sometimes major runout. Use a heavy router motor and a lift or a heavy fixed base router with just twist to adjust and make sure you have access for your hand to make the adjustments.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    Good points to consider. The $20 price tag for an extension is tempting but yeah, runnout is always there, to some degree. I guess I'll consider another router. Thanks all!

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    Is the Bosch motor a 1617? If so, the fixed base will likely be a better fit in a table. Fixed base is tapped to use the PC 690 mounting pattern, and could be adjusted from above the table— might require drilling an access hole for that though.

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