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Thread: Old insulation ID

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zachary Hoyt View Post
    If it's sound insulation then I wouldn't have a use for it at all. If it's thermal insulation I would not be opposed to reusing it if it would provide a reasonable R value, but I don't know how to tell.
    If it is sound insulation you might want to learn why it was put there.

    Could there be a flight path to an airport over your area?

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    As Jim said those are a product that had a relatively short life. They were made to be drop in ceiling panels for a grid system. They have a vinyl layer on one side and insulation on the other. The insulation is fiberglass. They were supposed to add insulation value, but the gaps between them significantly reduced their efficiency. If you measure them, they will be almost exactly the same 2' by 4' size as acoustical ceiling tile sold today.
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