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Thread: Scroll saws

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    Scroll saws

    I'm interested in getting a scroll saw but I don't know nothing much about them..I was wanting one that had easy blade changes and uses both type of blades.... actually I'm getting this for my granddaughter..she is 9 yrs old and wants to learn woodworking..and I thought this would be something good to start out on..but I have been needing one myself for awhile..there is so many I just need some help...I was looking at wen but I have heard DeWalt was a good one...and alot of people seem to favor DeWalt...any help would be appreciated..thank you

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    OK, I'll bite. Why both types of blades? Even if I had a lifetime supply of pinned blades, plain blades are cheap, and almost universal.
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    Pinned blades are not very useful, need to drill a huge hole to get the pin through, I just use my bandsaw. I have never used one, but I have read that the Wen scroll saw get good reviews and can use both pinned and plain blades. None of the higher end saws will use pinned blades.

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    I have the Dewalt - wasn’t even aware of pinned blades. My grandson tried it when he was maybe 7…he’s a bit of a crafter…but he didn’t really want to use it. It’s nice that it’s quiet compared to other saws and certainly seems safer…but the hold down is bit finicky and if the piece comes off the table that can be disconcerting. Good luck with your endeavor!

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    You don't want pinned blades. The Dewalt is a good scroll saw. I have a RBI Hawk and it's a good saw, also.

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    I upgraded to the Dewalt from a very old Craftsman a few years back and can say that was a very nice upgrade.

    The Dewalt is heavy, which means it doesn’t shake or vibrate as you cut. The puffer is nice, the light is nice, the cut is very nice. I let a 5 year old use it safely (careful monitoring). The only part that isn’t really nice is the thing that holds your piece down. It isn’t so bad once you get used to it, but know that you’ll spend some time working with the 9 year old to get used to it.

    As far as giving it to a 9 year old, couple of things to think about. The Dewalt is heavy. Probably heavier than the 9 year old can move safely. The Dewalt is variable speed, which means better adjustments but one more thing to learn. They can be safe or dangerous depending on how the blade safety is taught. She’ll probably need a drill too. A hand drill could work if there is a safe place to use it, otherwise expect a lot of holes in her desk .

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    I have an Excalibur 21" and I like it. With it, the table remains flat during use. The company went out of business but an updated version is sold now as King Industrial I believe.

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    I have had the DeWalt for years. It is a very good saw. What ever you do, dont buy the cheap bench top saws. They do not work well at all.
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    Well....we'll see next week just how honest those reviews are that say the Wen @ $127 is better than the DeWalt @ $538.....
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    1,761 is where the dedicated scroll saw people hang out. You will find many evaluations and comparisons of scroll saws and blades there, as well as many tips about scroll sawing. I'm also a member there, and beginning my Christmas production of little gifts.

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