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Thread: WTB: Lee Valley Veritas Steam Bending strap

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    WTB: Lee Valley Veritas Steam Bending strap

    Before I place an order for one, which won't be available until Feb, I thought I'd try here. This is the steel strap with the clamps on it for compressing the wood lengthwise before bending. They run about $100 but I'm in no hurry since my steam bending plan is for next summer.
    They come in two sizes with either one being fine. Let me know if you have one laying around unused.
    Jay Houghton

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    I have one. I'm in Pittsburgh. Is it practical to mail to you?

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    PM sent. Unfortunately as private citizens we pay the highest shipping rates. So pending that cost I might have found one!

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    Still looking!



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    Jay, I have the 2Ē, but when I bought mine the clamps were not included. I made wood blocks/clamps from a 2x4 scrap. I donít want to sell mine and besides, the shipping would not be cheap. You would be better off waiting and getting free shipping from LV.

    I am curious what you intend to bend as I only used mine once or twice and all the bends I have done since were done without the strap with only one failure, which I attribute to a flaw in the wood that was suspect before the attempted bend.

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    Make your own. I used sheet metal for the straps. you can make them to length to suit!
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    Good luck,


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    Sextant table

    All of the above are good suggestions! Our local club here in Ann Arbor, MI, invited Michael Fortune to come do several weekend classes. One of them was on steam bending and I've been thinking of some ideas to use that technique on. Below is a picture of what I have in mind, only this will be a sofa table, narrower and shorter than a dining table, but similar in design. I think a custom length strap that you would wedge/block the ends to keep the outside radius from stretching would probably work fine, and I may do that. The Lee Valley strap is adjustable so that has some advantage, but comes with a cost, ergo the reason for looking for a used one. I'm in not hurry so I may explore making one myself.
    JayClick image for larger version. 

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    Jay, I envisioned a much more narrow bend and for this application I definitely think at the very least a strap would be needed. Given the physical force it takes to bend much smaller material, you may want to consider some sort of concave/convex bending press that can be mechanically closed to accomplish the task. I seriously doubt one could manually pull a bend on material that thick/wide. Additionally, steaming a piece that large will take some time in order to get deep steam penetration.

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