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Thread: Cleaning up an aluminum TS table

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    Cleaning up an aluminum TS table

    I bought a ShopSmith a while back, thinking I would play with it a while then give it to my son. Turns out he didn't want it, so I will be selling it soon.

    It is in great shape, but the aluminum tables are not as smooth as I would like.

    I don't quite know how best to clean them up. Can I lightly sand them? Do they have a finish of some sort on them? They don't need much, I just want them smoother.
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    I see no reason why you cannot lightly sand them to freshen them up. Use the finest abrasive you can that does the job.

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    I would start with a green scotchbrite+ WD-40 or some light cutting oil under a ROS. Easy to get carried away with sandpaper on aluminum.

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    I wonder if the surface is anodized and how that affects the best way to clean it?

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