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Thread: Jessem #02210 Router Table

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    Jessem #02210 Router Table

    Can anyone tell if they have ever removed the anti-backlash nut from a jessem router Mast-R-Lift table. Mine is stripped and Iím trying to remove it. Called Jessem but they have not returned my calls. Email them and they referred me to a later model Mast-R-Lift. Which was no help it is configured different then my model. Enclosed is a picture of the one I haveIMG_4197.jpg

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    I had to rebuild one of mine, the older version for the Bosch 1617 size routers.

    No way I remember all the details, but its 2 pieces. The notched piece is for adjustment. Whether its threaded onto the other side, or into the plate, I dont know. I don't think it tightens a split sleeve, collet if you prefer. Maybe.

    Mine bound up on the screw and mauled the threads on both the screw and nut. I replaced the screw with some threaded rod, but had to do some tweaking on the nut. Just running a tap thru it didn't work. I think I had to drill it out, maybe back to tap drill diameter, to remove the material that had been swaged inwards.

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