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Thread: Vests, Aprons, Smocks for Woodworking and Carpentry

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    Quote Originally Posted by derek labian View Post
    Geez, I already got it. Amazon same-day delivery. Looks pretty nice, I'll try it out this weekend.
    It's fairly nice. Oddly, the pen holder is so small, I can't fit anything into it, not a pencil, etc. Perhaps its a manufacturing defect. The magnet pouch is great. The magnetic pockets are nice. The secondary pockets are one giant pocket, great for larger tools, not great for various small carpentry tools.

    So, sturdy apron, but nothing is falling out, but far less storage. I don't think it will rack up sawdust that easily, so thats a plus. I'll have to use it some more..

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    Quote Originally Posted by derek labian View Post
    Just curious which types of tool belts, smocks, aprons, and vests people are using while doing woodworking?

    The apron I'm using has the fault that lots of things fall out when I bend over/down. Maybe there is no good solution for that.
    I have never used one in the shop. I keep tools organized and most in reach so never needed one.

    While doing home improvement type work, I have recently started using a belt with one bag. It's pretty helpful, specially when on ladder. Bought belt and bag from Homedepot for some 70CAD. It's made by Kunys.

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    If you search the FreeStuff Forum here there is a guy in North Carolina who makes custom smocks, aprons and just about anything you want to suit your requirements. He made me a custom carpenter apron from horse hide that I use to install signs that is awesome, built to my specifications. He also made me a cowhide turning apron and two custom leather travel clothes bags.

    I have not heard from him in many years so I don't know if he is still in business. If he is retired he may still offer custom aprons to anyone here.

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