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Thread: FS: Lie-Nielsen Large Router Plane

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    FS: Lie-Nielsen Large Router Plane

    SOLD. Thanks for all the help!

    For sale, an unused Lie-Nielsen large, open throat router plane with one blade.

    This plane has been in the original box and packaging until I opened it just now to take these pictures.

    It is out of stock at LN as of this morning. Asking $140, which is 80% of the new price.


    I am a long-time lurker on the forums, but never bought or sold anything. Can anyone help me with the following questions:
    How I should receive payment?
    Who usually pays shipping?
    Are shipments usually insured?

    I prefer to receive payment via PayPal and I will pay for shipping and insurance.

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    Payment: PayPal is easy and reasonably cheap (2.9%)
    Shipping: Negotiable, ad can include if price includes Shipping or is "plus shipping"
    Insurance: Personal preference. I always insure. If not insured, agree who is responsible if lost (e.g. is seller responsible to deliver to shipper, or to arrive at Buyer).

    And adding PICs will really improve your ad

    Good Luck with sale. Lots of good people here.
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    When I try to open attachment, "Invalid Attachment" message appears.

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    Thanks much for the feedback.

    I'm baffled about the pics, Vince. I can open them from the op, but I will look into it. I see them only as "attachment 46077" etc. and I know in other posts the picture itself shows up, not just the link. I'll keep exploring.

    I have a paypal account, Lance, but am not sure how it can be accessed by someone else to pay me. I've used it many times to pay a merchant. I will look into registering as a merchant. I will insure the shipment - thanks.

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    For making payment, the buyer just need your PayPal's account e-mail. They can then send a payment, marked as for "goods and services", over to your account. PayPal will deduct the fee before depositing the money, net of fees, to your account and you can then use or withdraw it. You don't need to be a "merchant" at all.

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    Thanks, Brian. I was just reading through the info on paypal's site, but wasn't sure I was getting it.

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    Just used my LN large router plane today: an indispensable tool.

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