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Thread: Ford Lightning

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    They do make generators on small trailers to be towed behind the ev. Again the Ford generator reduces the bed length to about 3' so not much room for luggage on those long trips.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Henderson View Post
    According to some web sites I found, at 70 mph, an EV uses about 0.25 KWh per hour.
    [Some web sites quote a slightly larger figure for the KWH per mile at 70 mph. One I saw was a bit over 0.30 KWh per mile at 70 mph. You can calculate the numbers with your choice of KWh per mile.]
    That first number sounds reasonable for a Tesla/Leaf/Bolt/etc, but at 70, the Ford is going to take a big aero hit by comparison.

    (Seems like we already did a bunch of this math in an earlier EV thread...)
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    I like the trailer idea Jim. Can't believe I hadn't thought of that, since I have a HD a mile away where I could rent a trailer by the day as needed. That saves me from having to use space at home to store it.
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    Yes, for occasional use, renting a trailer is a nice idea. Relative to HD, you also have the option of their flatbed truck for a very reasonable fee for "big orders". I bought my trailer (made in my own county, as a matter of fact) for about $800 back in 2006. It's truly paid for itself many times over. Parking it was zero issue at our old property, but I'll need to decide how I want to handle it here at the new, much smaller property, probably planning for a parking spot as part of my future shop build project. Right now, it's just on the driveway extension along the south side of the house, but that will have to change once the driveway is extended somehow to said shop building.

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    They do make 5x8 trailers that fold. That might be a solution if you don't haver or want to create a place to park it when not in use. I have a 4x6 that my father left me that was too small for most anything I would need it for so I added a foot to the width. It would be easy for someone with welding tools to modify the tongue could fold on a regular trailer.

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    I think it’s only a matter of time (1-2 years, maybe?) before Ford expands the configuration options for the Lightning to include other cab and bed options. The company is making a massive investment to electrify vehicles across its entire product line.
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    I am curious about the hybrid version. No range issues then and ability to use the pickup itself as an generator. I would want 8' bed for sure. Currently drive an "foreman" F150 (v6, 2wd, regular cab, 8 foot bed). It was cheap used because everyone wants the bigger pickups and 4WD. With the just added contractor shell it is is perfect for my needs maintaining a couple propertys and supporting the woodworking habit.

    Around here construction crews, seem to use crew cabs with short bed for the "crew" for and pull an enclosed trailer for tools and materials.

    I think Ford it is doing it right. Big fleets where they drive a short range and park it on company property at night to charge will look at them hard. Think phone company, utilities, etc. Mom & pop contractors will take longer as they love their diesels.

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