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Thread: drill press table with thru-fence dust collection

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    drill press table with thru-fence dust collection

    I'm sure this isn't new, but I haven't seen a thread on this for awhile so I will post a mini-success..

    I needed to build a DP table since I recently bought a benchtop model to replace my previous floor model.

    On my last table, I had circular, replaceable backer inserts (to prevent blowout when drilling).. I liked that a lot and repeated this time but with more precision thanks to jasper jig. I also included finger grabs this time.

    For the table, I used some free-to-me MDF that has a veneer on both sides. I glued two pieces together using cauls to apply even pressure. The chosen material is extremely flat and consistent, so it allowed the inserts mentioned above to fit perfectly simply by cutting a circle in one sheet (but not the other) before glueing them together.

    I installed tracks for my fence to slide in, and used a new trick to dial in the dado cut to precise width... the prescribed blade setup to achieve 3/4" was "just this close" (like a hair too small), so I setup for the cut using a stop block to register my piece... and then added a single business card to the stop block to take a second pass... worked like a charm.

    The fence uses a downspout adapter (credit stumpy nubs) for connecting to the DC system. The suction is VERY good now (whereas I've always struggled for a good angle / performance at the DP in the past). In a test with a 1" forstner bit, cutting pine, the suction captured nearly everything including the chips that would normally shoot forward.

    Since I used leftovers from my shop for most of this, the total cost for this project was $4

    (Edited to add: LOL, I find it funny/ironic that I failed to cleanup the mess caused by drilling prior to this new setup... it practically proves my point!)


    Bob R.

    drill press table with dust collection 1.jpg drill press table with dust collection 2.jpg
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    That's pretty cool , I like it .

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