Okay, the material has been hanging for a little over a week. From experience I have given it enough time to let all the growing stress as well as sawing, drying, and milling stress to relieve its self and well as take on humidity or loose it from all four sides. equally. I was going to do 8 foot glue up but I decided to cut to lough all to rough lengths first. I am building a Moravian bench and the top length on my print, if that is what one wants to call the drawing, is 76 inches. I believe the distance between my pressure rollers on my planner is 10 inches. I will check to make sure. If so then I will need to add another 11 inches or so to that dimension.

I have tried sanding, scraping and hand planning wood to remove any planner sniping and somehow it always somehow shows up when putting on finish. The finish is the last thing and it usually stands out like a sore thumb so it is easier to avoid the problem and as a habit, leave the board long. Yes there are things to do so that you will not get a snipe or on can put on one longer piece and I do know that. But if it is going to show it is better just to avoid the possibility. And when the top which will be around 4 inches thick, 13 inches wide and about 84 inches long goes through the planner the snip tends to show up.

I guress that I am ready for the glue up and this is where some of you might find interesting. I have a lot to say about preparation