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Thread: First set of wood carving tools

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    First set of wood carving tools

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking to give as a gift a set of wood carving tools, and know very little about the discipline. I would like to build the set from Pfiel tools, as I have the opportunity to purchase them 50% off. (Second hand) The soon to be owner, has zero carving tools. (except for a spoke shave he built from a steel blank) He recently graduated college, is working to become an arborist.

    If you were to pick the most important set of say ~10 tools give or take a few, what would you select? Is 10 too many tools? Too few tools? etc.

    Looking forward to everyones responses.


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    In addition to the tools, a good book or two on carving might be appreciated. Some are for beginners, some advanced.

    Do you know what kind of carving he is or might be interested in? Miniature figures, large sculptures, birds, furniture, chess pieces, ??? The scale and type of carving can suggest some of the tools. For general purpose carving that covers everything the possible tool list expands. Besides gouges, I have rotary carvers, reciprocal carvers, rifflers, files, and more.

    I am particularly fond of chip carving, only requires one tool (properly sharpened).

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    Sharpening all the different styles is biggest challenge. Pfeils Palm gouges are very nice I have 2 that are among my favorites.

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    Scroll down to quality tools at an affordable price or search for Schaaf. They make a cheap set of tools that I did enjoy. NOT saying don't buy a Pfeil or Sorby. I have those too. I did a mini review. I like the Pfeils.
    Been on vacation a bit. Just saw this.

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