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Thread: A shop made zero play miter bar

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    A shop made zero play miter bar

    I recently made a DIY “zero play” miter bar for a box joint sled project. You might find my technique useful for your table saw sleds. I took a 2' length of 1/8 x ¾ aluminum flat bar and cut two pieces about 1' long with miters on each end as in the attached pics. I then fashioned an ad hoc clamping fixture with some scrap wood and old drill bits of random diameter. I dropped the aluminum pieces into the miter slot one on top of the other and positioned the clamp mechanism such that the shafts of the drill bits fit into the “V” formed by the miter cuts. When I apply clamping force which pushes the shafts into the “V”s in opposing directions, the two aluminum bars are pushed outwards towards opposite sides of the miter slat. Ta-Da, zero play. Now I had the foresight to drill and tap 1/4-24 holes in one bar and matching clearance holes in the other so I could use 1/4-24 X ¼ washer head screws to fasten the two bars together in that zero play position. Additional holes were then drilled through the sandwich to fasten the miter bar to the sled base.
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    Very cleaver dan I like it.

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