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Thread: New Miter Saw

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    I agree about the linear bearings. My Dewalt 708, that I bought in 2006, if I'm remembering correctly, still cuts dead true. It's never been locked up though, except one time when someone else was using it. Other than that one time, I'm the only person that has/will use it. He was push cutting. I never do.

    Also, I keep two Radial Arm saws. One only for precise 90 degree crosscuts, and one for rough work, and cutting dadoes. The one for precise cuts has never been locked up in wood, because I'm the only one using it.

    I would guess that locking one up would be as harmful to one as rough moving.

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    I was not happy with my Dewalt 12” slider. It was big and heavy, took up a ton of space, had terrible dust collection, was super noisy, had a tendency to jump when you started it (no soft start) and had fence alignment problems from the get go that could not be fully corrected.

    I sold it and bought one of the new 10” Delta Cruzers. It is better in everything I talk about in the previous paragraph. In particular it was square out of the box and is easy to adjust. Its “robot arms” glide much more smoothly than any slider I have used. It also has the cut capacity of the 12” Dewalt and because of the way it is designed takes up much less space. There is a 12” Delta Cruzer that also takes up less space than a typical 12” sliding miter saw. I’m very happy with it. First sliding miter saw I have had (I’ve had several before this) that I really like.
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    Makita LS1440 14-inch Miter Only

    I do not own this saw, but the construction looks very solid: cast iron base, miter but no bevel, and no slider.
    Provision for vertical and horizontal clamping.
    Any vertical misalignment of blade can be corrected with shim under bolts at the back.

    I too am looking for an accurate stable miter saw. My short list is Makita LS1440 and Omga 1P300.

    Link is to Home Depot in Canada. Price in USA should be lower, perhaps close to your $600 target

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    Steven - you had me stoked for a moment there, but looks like according to Amazon (US) the Makita LS1440 is listed as "discontinued by manufacturer". Dang.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Roltgen View Post
    Steven - you had me stoked for a moment there, but looks like according to Amazon (US) the Makita LS1440 is listed as "discontinued by manufacturer". Dang.
    I think they are still available, lots of interweb places say they are. Saw one sell on auction a couple weeks ago too. Prices seem to be all over the place though.

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    I am very happy with my Dewalt 12” non sliding miter saw. My old Makita 10” has seen better days, but still works and I use it to cut stuff to length now to save my Dewalt for trim. Happy with both.

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    I use a 10" Bosch Glide for all my rough and final cutting including angles. Happy with the results but then again I'm not the guy that is running dial indicators over everything checking stuff, I just build furniture and other items that I think look good but I guess I might be a thousandth or two off here and there.

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