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Thread: Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

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    Creeker's Past Week's Accomplishments

    20 Sep 2021

    I finally got the cubby cabinet project finished, delivered, and the customer was super happy with it.


    I'm learning about pressure cup/pot setups and if I'm going to keep spraying finishes, I want to invest in something versatile that doesn't bust the bank. Years ago, I bought an Accuspray turbine hvlp setup from Jeff Jewitt. I can no longer get parts nor get need/cap sets. I have a 3M PPS that I like but I want something a bit more. This week is my last week at my current job of 22 years. This time next week, I'll be working for a new company and I pray that this works out really well.

    That's it for me, so what did YOU do this past week?

    Best of weeks to you all.
    Thanks & Happy Wood Chips,
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    Those cabinets look great, Dennis!! I really like that fact, I keep my own clothing in them in our new home rather than drawers. Best wishes for the last hurrah at the "old grind" and a great start for the "new grind"

    This past week did include some shop time, although most of the "time" was hurry up and wait for the finishing process of the stair project components to get completed. I've since moved on to final fitting, measuring for exact lengths of balusters and I'm about to drill the angled holes in the underside of the railings to contain said balusters. I had to create a jig for that and did so on the weekend.

    Final fitting right side...


    Other activities included acquiring and planting a whole bunch of native perennials in the beds at the back of the house after weeding followed by some redesign work of how things are going to be around the back patio. The makeshift fire pit is going bye-bye as is the large amount of big river rock that makes dealing with weeds a real pain. I have a long list of folks wanting that stuff from a free post on Facebook and it should be gone in the next day or three.

    This week I hope to complete the stair project including dealing with the tile floor on the foyer side of the stairs, get the rest of the donations out of the upstairs of the shop building at the old property (which sadly remains unsold) and some work on the front planting beds to get rid of the big river rock and clean things up. The weather will be really nice for outdoor stuff finally, although probably wet later in the week. I can get back to work on my bass guitar project at that point.

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    This past week I tried my hand at hanging slab doors. Had to mortise for the hinges, frame the opening, etc. so far so good. Still need to drill for the handle.

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    I made some custom display tables for my wife's jewelry business. They got their first use at a big show this weekend and were a resounding success.

    They are basswood to keep them light for easy setup, as she often sets up alone.

    The legs are glorified sawhorses constructed with lap joints. The notches in the feet came from me accidentally cutting both ends of one for the lap joint and my wife liking the look. The hooks to hold the legs open were fun to shape with a spokeshave.

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    This weekend I made and fitted the drawers for the new shop cabinet that fits under the right hand side of the new slider. Nothing special, just box joint corners with applied drawer fronts. Still, I was in dire need of a home for some of the slider accessories and some items that had been in the outfeed table I sold with the cabinet saw and this should fill the bill.

    Dennis, hope your new job is much less stressful. Dennis, Jim and Aaron, the projects all look great. Bob, glad you're getting the doors hung. I hung our whole house full and once you've got the method figured out, it is fairly easy.

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    More kitchen work for me. Roughed in the duct for the range hood; final connection will have to wait until cabinets are in and hood installed. I also installed ladder blocking at all the cabinet locations on one wall and added a good sized powered junction box behind the fridge. I'll put the power supply and controller for the low voltage LED under cabinet lights in the JB. Had to replace the feed for the range receptacle; the old one was only #8 and no ground, so I upgraded to 6-3 with ground. The induction range we ordered only requires a 40 amp circuit, but some need 50 so better safe than sorry. Fortunately there is a sub panel in the basement right under the kitchen, so it wasn't a huge job, although fighting the heavy wires in tight spaces is always a chore.

    Spent quite a bit of time planning the flooring layout. We've picked an SPC luxury vinyl in a stone look that comes in 18x24 tiles. Like almost everything now, it's pricey so I didn't want to go overboard on quantity like is my normal habit. I'll still get extra; just not that much. After finalizing that, I placed the order for the flooring. It should be here in early Nov, which will work out fine.

    We had a couple of cooler days, so I took advantage to remove two overgrown viburnums and an overgrown red twig dogwood from in front of the house. We'll replace them with something in the spring.
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