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Thread: Source for very good quality drill bits

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    Source for very good quality drill bits

    My bard points don't seem to be sharp at all straight out of the box. My multi material bits are cutting better. Any recommendations?
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    WL Fuller Co. has been highly recommended here before - LINK. You can get them thru McMaster-Carr and other sources.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tim walker View Post
    My bard points don't seem to be sharp at all straight out of the box. My multi material bits are cutting better. Any recommendations?
    My favorite drill bits for both steel and wood are from a local industrial supplier. They are always very sharp and seem to stay sharp (and I drill a lot of steel). I've bought them from an industrial gas supplier that also has a good stock of tools for customers, and from an industrial fasteners company. They usually come in a case that looks like this (although I can't vouch for the quality of these):
    The bits I like the best are not cheap - usually about $100.

    However, I rarely use brad points although the spurs are nice for a clean hole. I've run into what you noticed - the quality of those I've bought over the years has not been great. I have no idea if there are high quality brad points - I haven't seen any at the industrial places.

    If your bits are good HSS but not sharp could you get them sharpened by a pro?


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    I bought the Lee Valley set of HSS lipped Imperial brad point drill bits using their Black Friday deal for discounted gift cards last fall. The bits weren't delivered until about April this year and are backordered again, I see. I'd read recommendations and testimonials for them and figured they'd last the rest of my life. I've been very pleased with the quality of cut so far.

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    Plus one for Lee Valley

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    Another plus or Lee Valley
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    Plus one for Fuller bits: excellent quality, made in USA, great customer service.

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    Another plus for the Lee Valley lipped bits. Downside is it’s not really feasible to sharpen them with their original profile so once dull they can be sharpened like a regular bit. That being said I have yet to use one to death and have had them for years.
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    Yet another plus for the Lee Valley lipped bits. I also have a set of US made Norseman M7 high molybdenum steel bits that are less expensive (but not cheap) and are great general purpose bits including drilling through metal. I bought both sets after being frustrated by various low quality bits and getting inconsistent results with them. Very happy with both sets.

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    The Norseman bits are a great product. The bradpoints are nice because they are made from their Hi-Molly steel and not just HSS. I wish they had more sizes though. Largest set is 14 piece and I think largest size is 1/2".
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