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Thread: Building a Library Wall Panel

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    Building a Library Wall Panel

    My son wants me to construct a library wall panel on one wall of his office. The wall is approx. 11'6" long x 8 ft high. The room is presently trimmed with crown molding on all 4 walls. To be clear, to me library paneling is a series of 1x4's arranged in a horizontal and vertical grid to form squares or rectangles. If I'm using incorrect terminology please comment.
    My plan is to start at the bottom and lay the 1st horizontal board fastened to the studs. Then lay a course of vertical 1x4's. Rinse & repeat. Does that sound feasible?
    My other concern is the crown. All 4 walls are presently crowned. If I pull the crown of the paneled wall, how will that interface with the crown miters on the corner of each side?
    Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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    It sounds like you are describing Wainscoting? Several "how to install" articles and videos came up when I googled it.

    I think you'll have to shorten the crown on the 2 walls perpendicular to the wainscot, so they end in the "new" corners where the wall meets the wainscoting. Crown can be funny, but I think that once you do that, the crown on the wainscoted wall "should" match up ok. But let's hear what the others think.
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    Thanks for the reply Fred. I think his plan is for the panel to go all the way to the ceiling and eliminate crown on that wall. I'm not sure how good that would look however.

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    So you're putting this grid on the wall. Are you also putting wood paneling on the wall, or is the present wall (sheetrock?) visible through the grid?

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    Sheetrock only - no wood paneling. The inside of each grid will be trimmed with cove moulding.

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