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Thread: Woodworking for a 14 year old with Cerebral Palsy?

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    Is there a special ed teacher in his life, or a therapist, or some trained professional you could consult with? Sometimes there are issues with attention span or hand/eye coordination or stamina, that they might have identified that parents might not think about, especially if the parents aren't familiar with woodworking. I'd go with hand tools first and see how safety conscious he can be.

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    Some good suggestions. Celebral Palsy can manifest itself so differently it's best if you met the child and evealuate yourself as has been suggested. You know what's needed for woodworking skills, others probably don't. Also, our daughter is an adaptive phy. ed. teacher and she works with these things daily as well as an occupational therapist. The suggested to consult is an excellent one if your able to do so. Both of these professions deal with small motor skills and implimenting real life situations. Good for you for offering to work with the youngster. Our daughter recently sent us photo's of her students on a fishing outing and the smiles were something to warm you're heart. She has no trouble finding others to help too, don't be afraid to ask. The police, fishing clubs, service organizations all show up.

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    Thanks to all for the advice. The mom kind of ghosted me after initially expressing great enthusiasm. But, itís the beginning of the school year and sheís a teacher. Iím sure things are a bit hectic right now.

    thatís ok, I have two other projects. One is a processional cross for a church where my cousin goes and our great-great grandfather was rector. The other involves a means to display challenge coins for the daughter of a friend.

    That challenge coin thing will be interesting. My philosophy is that if they want an imitation of what they can buy commercially then they should buy commercially. I generally donít take on a project unless I can add my own flourish. My plan is to imbed one of those magnetic levitation modules so I can float a little platform with a couple of coins.

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