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Thread: New member in Dublin

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    New member in Dublin

    After following this forum for about a month, I decided it was time to jump in. I've been impressed by the knowledge and skills you all have, and the fun you obviously have in sharing them.

    We moved from Michigan to Manchester, England two years ago, and then to Dublin, Ireland a year ago. What started out to be a 12 - 15 month international assignment now looks like it will run three years. The good news is that we have thoroughly enjoyed our time in the UK and Ireland. The bad news is that my tools I have with me consist of one bag with a hammer, tape measure, and some pliers, screwdrivers and wrenches (spanners over here). I have a good day if I can get out the hammer and drive a nail in the wall to hang a picture.

    My real tools are in storage or with family back in the US - including a PM 66 table saw, a PM 54A jointer, band saw, planer, Shopsmith, etc. I'm assured they are well loved and getting good use back there.

    I know you all like to see pictures, so I'll include one of a toddler's chair I made a couple of years ago for my older grandson (he's also in the picture). It's cherry, with a shellac and wax finish. The original design was by my grandfather back about 1945. He based it on the height of a step in his house in the kitchen where my sister and cousin sat when they were very small.

    My father modified the design, as did I when I started to make them. We call them "Pa's Chairs", the name my father and I both chose to use as grandfathers ourselves.

    My new tool is AutoCad. I'm starting to layout my dream shop for our return to Michigan when I retire next year. I'll share it for your comments and suggestions a little later on this year.
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    Welcome to the Creek, Mike. Sounds like an interesting job assignment indeed. At least it was extended in a place you enjoy, and not somewhere like Gallup, New Mexico. (I spent a week there one day.)

    We'll let you play in our shops vicariously until you can get back to the states to build your dream shop. Again, welcome.

    - Vaughn

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    welcome mike.

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    Welcome, bet you can't wait to get your tools out of storage and get started on that new shop. I designed a chair for my kids when they were little. Has stood the test of time and will be passed on to my grandkids probably. Good lookin kid by the way. Guess he's getting along good?
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    Mike, welcome to the 'Creek. While I'm sorry to hear of your, umm...somewhat constrained tool availability at present, I am a little jealous of you living in such a beautiful place. Ireland is one of the places I've visited that I would gladly return to again and again. (SIL used to live in Dún Laoghaire near the water)

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    Welcome Mike.

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    Welcome to the Creek Mike.

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    Welcome Mike,
    Great bunch of folks here.
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    I've never been to Dublin, but I've heard that it's 'the hot city' in Europe right now - sounds like fun! Also, if you like AutoCAD, check out SketchUp for quick, intuitive 3D design and layout. Someone has a bunch of 3D 'tool icons' available on his site for shop layouts.

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    Welcome to the Creek While you are are over there away from your big tools I would try to pick up some hand tools and possibly some jigs that they are using on that side of the pond. They may have some techniques that could be useful for you.
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    Welcome Mike. I imagine you like Ireland so much you want to stay there for ever? No? Ah well, make the most of it before you return home.
    Enjoy Dub.


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    Welcome to the creek Mike. A friend told me once that Gunnis (sp?) was only fit to drink if it was in Ireland. Any truth to that?
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