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Thread: (Google) Buyer beware

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    (Google) Buyer beware

    I did a search on Google for just the model number:
    In the Ads bar - these two vendors were listed:
    (price $73.35)
    (price $70.58)

    Quite the bargain for something Tool Nut wants $259 for eh?

    I looked around each site at prices.
    $70-something dollars for a 5 piece LiIon DeWalt tool combo. Really?

    Scam sites have always been around - but - this is the first time I ran into it (that I'm aware of) where it looks like they paid Google to be a featured site & Google didn't bother to check them out.
    I plan to let Google know about it.

    Well - I had planned on contacting Google - but - they seem to make it difficult - so ....just make sure if you see something that's priced too good to be true (on a Google search), it's a scam.
    Man - this gets better all the time...

    I installed Duckduckgo and did the same search. It was worse than Google.
    All I got were the scam sites and no legitimate ones.
    At least they wanted to know why I removed the extension.
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    I agree that $70 or so sounds very low.

    That said, the $259 tool-only price sounds more like what I'd expect with battery and charger included. I admit the Makita is almost certainly better than the Ryobi equivalent, but twice the price?!?
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