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Thread: over night glue up

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    over night glue up

    Need to glue up half a dozen cutting boards this evening and put through planer, drum sander and hand sand in the morning. They would probably sit in clamps for about 10 hours. I am using titebond 3.

    Is this a dumb thing to do?

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    Full cure is more like 24 hours for PVA glues, so you may want to consider delaying a day for the additional dimensioning work to reduce risk.

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    If it's an end grain cutting board you may want to think twice about running it thru the planer, I know some do it successfully with precautions.

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    You're violating the "24 hours before heavy machining" clause in the instructions.
    That being said, why of course, I've violated it. Price you pay: glue line can cause witness lines. I've seen evidence of shrinkage of the glue line itself, as well as moisture wicked away from glue line in general area of the joint, which then continues to shrink a hair, causing a slight trough at glue joint in general, when viewed with an above average amount of scrutiny.
    High gloss table top? I'd wait the full 24 hours. Considering they'll be subjected to all kinds of moistures from food cutting and washing, I personally would not be terribly concerned.

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    I have never used TB3, but with TB1 I would be happy with that amount of time if the humidity was low or medium. If it was high I would want more time.

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    Thanks for the input everyone. After reading your advice decided to do something else this morning and push these boards out to tomorrow. Thanks!

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