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Thread: design print out and digitize a metal ice cream sign

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    design print out and digitize a metal ice cream sign

    going to show tracing out the paper diagram and getting the file
    ready for a plasma cut

    NOTE I have lost access to utube , someone hacked into my account and they shut the channel down and I have written
    about 3 times saying it was not my doing but its like talking to a brick wall
    My videos are fit for children
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    Nice to have you back Stan! And another great video. I also have the tracing boards and they are really fun to work with. Keep the videos coming.

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    thanks, appreciate your good comments and i will keep them coming

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    I have been working with my board frequently lately converting drawings to CNC machine.
    The board and the software are excellent, working good for me getting projects ready for the upcoming season. I also have my first laser cutting project underway converting a drawing and manipulating a vector file for our custom Christmas ornament this year.

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    it can make easy vector drawing and quick

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