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Thread: O.T. Need Filler For Hole In Coleman Cooler

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    O.T. Need Filler For Hole In Coleman Cooler

    I have a plastic Coleman cooler that has a hole to be filled. It doesn't go all the thru to the inside, however it does expose the air gap between inner and outer layers, so I'd like to seal it up. I'm looking for a white sealer/filler that can take some cold and heat. Any suggestions?

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    Posting this in the Off Topic forum might get you better results.

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    if its a large hole, i would use some closed cell foam to fill, then some epoxy to cover.

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    Good idea on the foam. Also, didn't know there is an off-topic section.

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    I worked in the plastics industry for a bit. There are 3M specialty epoxies that "may" seal a hole but they are quite expensive. Generally speaking, welding (yes, that's a thing) is the only long-term solution to patch PP or PET plastics. Not sure the cost of your ice chest but might be cheaper/less hassle to just buy a new one. Just my thoughts.

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    Epoxy will not stick to polyester.

    I used to weld polyester windsurfers with a soldering iron. You could try a piece of a milk bottle as a patch.

    An alternative is to try sealing the hole with silicon paste.

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    I'd use spray foam insulation and then slap some white flex tape over the hole, unless you are looking for something more appealing asthetically.

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    Try welding it with a soldering iron first. You can buy plastic welding strips for fixing canoes and kayaks. If not that, 3M 5200 will stick to just about anything.

  9. #9 I used foam to fill the hole and just used Flex Paste over it. I think this will work fine until I replace the cooler. Thanks for the help.

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